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I have a really hard time being nice to people at my worst moments. WalMart isn’t such a bad place to work, but some customers are just so incredibly inconsiderate. It brings out the worst in everyone and frankly yesterday I almost really lost my temper with a man.

A teacher from high school was checking out in my lane and I was visiting with her about Washington DC, and the man - a local, in line behind her kept interjecting “I wouldn’t wanna be there” and “DC means nothin’ no more” and all sorts of crazy nonsense. I could care less about his opinions but he just so rudely interjected in a conversation he wasn’t invited to be a part of - and he did it in a rather boorish manner. After she took her items and left he kept going on and on about the “stupid liar in the BLACK house” and all sorts of nonsense. 

I looked at the guy and I was seeing white - “Sir, nobody asked for your opinion. I don’t care what you think.”

And he was taken aback and just went on running his mouth.

"Well, opinions are like armpits. Everyone has a few and I usually think they stink."

I’m sick of people and their unsolicited and unwarranted sense of entitlement. Today some customers were criticizing me, and I apologized, and then they started talking to each other in Spanish and then they looked at me and laughed.

I’m sick of people who consistently bitch about having to wait in line. It’s like - it’s a FACT OF LIFE. Everyone thinks that have somewhere more important to be, chill out. Wait your turn. Things will be just fine. There was a man last week whom I overheard talking about some “old hag” who was “taking too long.”

Well, sir - when you’re elderly and hunched over, I’ll be sure to remind you what you said.

I’m also sick of people who try to lie and say, “OH - well on the shelf it was only *insert price here.*” There is a pretty good chance that I know you’re lying to me and I WILL make you pay the actual price.

I get compliments from the management about how calm and kind I am which is ironic because usually I’ve been feeling the exact opposite. It’s opened up my eyes, in a sense. Huge respect to anyone who works at WalMart as a career, because there are people in this world who find all their entertainment in talking down to people and it’s kind of a bummer.

I don’t want to be one of them.


I know a few chords that could make you miss me. They ring and decay in this garage every few days.